Nyan Cat, Minecraft, and MADNESS

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone I’m back!(Aren’t you so freakin excited) Anyway I think you guys might know this from the last post but I love Nyan Cat. Love love love love love him. I hope most of you can put two and two together because where gonna play one.

Heres an episode of Nyan Cat where he fights Tac Nyan.


Nyan Cat is a boss!

Anyway as you can tell from the title where going to be doing a little something with Minecraft. I love this game and am a huge fan. I priarily love creative mode and I’m amazing at building things. I’m going to put a couple pictures of the structure I’m building right now The Floating Island.

Thats pretty sweet though huh?

Alright well now time for the MADNESS porton of my post!

Are your friends such bad drivers that you don’t like being in the car with them. Do they sometimes scream and shout whenever they hit a red light. Well if yo answerd yes to any of these things you might want to send them here.


Thats crazy right? Heres one of my personal favorites!


LOL!!! Alright you guys thats it for today come back tommorow!



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